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Thank you for considering Reading solutions inc affiliate program! We offer a competitive commission of 50% per sale and several resources crafted specifically for our affiliates. Continue reading to learn how to get started.

What’s New

We recently improved our website and product offerings based on customer and affiliate feedback. New and existing affiliates will now benefit from the following features:

  • Expanded ebooks for greater value
  • Site-wide SSL protection for customer confidence
  • Increased commission of 50% per referred purchase!
  • Mobile-optimized pitch page and affiliate resources
  • New banners in most popular formats

Affiliates Wanted

You can become an Affiliate with Reading Solutions Inc. You will help students improve reading and literacy skills. You will also build a recurring revenue stream of up to 50% Commission.

Our Mission

Reading Solutions Inc. has a Literacy Voyages Reading Program to help improve reading, writing, spelling and comprehension skills of children and adults. Our education resources are delivered by our interactive websites to help students progress from basic reading skills to more advanced reading instruction.  Our online educational instruction begins with phonics and phonemic awareness and proceeds to more advanced levels of reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. It has English and Spanish instruction to help students in grades PK-12. Our instruction programs are excellent remedial educational tools for special education students, Spanish Students, ESL students, bilingual students, and adult education students. Our Literacy Reading Voyages program has lots of educational resources recommended by the International Reading Association, the National Right to Read Foundation, and The International Literacy Institute and other Literacy Organizations. It also includes many free reading and literacy materials. Our literacy reading products align with the No Child Left Behind and the Common Core State Standards of Reading, Speaking, Listening, Language, Writing, Media and Technology.

Become an Affiliate

You can give parents and educators an opportunity to help their children and adults improve reading and literacy skills and make excellent commissions. You know lots of parents and schools who need help teaching students to improve their reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. All you have to do is guide them to our web site.

Recurring Commission

Our affiliate system pays you 50% commission. Our reading program subscription prices are $ 99 for a Home Version, $ 199 for Classroom Version and $1995 for a School Site License. You also receive a 50% commission when customers renew their annual subscription.

Overview of Program

Our programs were created by educators using national education standards for reading and writing, Literacy Reading Voyages is a creative, interactive online program containing over 400 hours of literacy instruction and over 2700 videos to demonstrate the instruction. The comprehensive educational program is available to educators to use in the classroom, but can also be used by parents and students in the comfort of their own homes. Using an animated pirate theme, users work with Captain Bob as he guides them through different sections of instruction - Phonics Voyage, Fair Voyage, Zoo Voyage and Activities Voyage. When you become an affiliate you will get a 50% commission for each referral, you refer to our site who purchases our programs.

Step 1: Join ClickBank

Our products are sold exclusively through the ClickBank Marketplace. Before you can begin promoting our products, you’ll need to create a free account with ClickBank.

Once your account is ready, return to this page and generate a hoplink, which you can use to send traffic to our pitch page. If any of the visitors you refer go on to place an order, you will receive a 50% commission of the net purchase price.

Step 2: Generate Your Link

To generate your hoplink, simply enter your ClickBank nickname into the following form. You can begin directing traffic to your hoplink and earning commissions immediately.

Step 3: Place Banner Ads

After generating your hoplink, copy the customized embed code beneath your favorite banner and place it on your website or platform of choice. Alternatively, you can right click the banner that would best suit your advertising space, save it to your computer, then upload and link it to your personalized hoplink.

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Reading Solutions Inc. has been creating and distributing phonics and literacy reading materials for the home and school market for the past 12 years. You can use our web based products at our subscription web sites to help your children and adults. Our objectives are to dramatically improve reading, writing, spelling and comprehension skills of your children in Grades PK-12. Our Literacy Reading Voyages will help your students to improve their reading, writing, spelling and comprehension skills in Grades PK-12. Students can use our web based products at our subscription web site.
National Academy of Reading site is excellent to teach teachers, parents and others to become literacy teachers. It will help you become reading professionals who can teach all children and adults to become super readers. These online literacy instructional resources were designed for a wide range of students including: beginning readers, slow readers, average readers, Hispanic, ESL, remedial, bilingual, special education and adult students. Our programs are excellent for the home and school market.

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